Time to Set a New Goal

It’s time for my monthly running update. By now, minimalist running for me is pretty much old news. 2013 was all about discovery and transition. Done. In my last running post, I discussed how I’d like to be faster in 2014 and I set a goal of averaging 7’45″/mi over 4+mi. Well, one month into the new year with 8 runs down, I broke that goal today: 7’43″/mi over 4.31 mi.

Now I just need to maintain that. I have to say, I feel it. As I’ve pushed my speed over the last few runs, my left hamstring—which I tore 5 or 6 yeas ago doing wind sprints—has been acting up. My strategy of resting at least two days between runs has pretty much taken care of that, but I’ll need to keep an eye on it. I’ve also noticed some stiffness and a few sore spots in my lower calves and achilles, but those also dissipate after a couple days’ rest and I’m able to get back out and run.

My goal has never been distance. Sure, getting at least 4 miles in each time is nice, and I might push for 5 this year, but ultimately I like speed. I’m going to keep pushing for consistency and speed and just see where I end up by December.