I Am Weak

i hit the snooze button…ten times
i threw the yokes away
i used plastic bags instead of a glass container
i yelled at my kids.

i pretended i was asleep instead of talking to you
i chose not to practice
i got angry and didn’t listen
i didn’t cry.

i didn’t say i love you
i said i love you but didn’t mean it
i didn’t look you in the eye
i didn’t call.

i ate a double cheeseburger…twice in one day
i drank five long islands
i ran away
i chose not to think.

i pretended i didn’t see you
i bought more
i didn’t read on
i didn’t choose to learn.

i walked away
i spoke meanly
i didn’t revisit
i didn’t appreciate.

i laughed at your stupid jokes…for years
i grew resentful
i fell asleep
i didn’t forgive.