I Am The Other Thing Too

For my last post I began with a list (which sort of morphed into a poem) of things that I’ve done or not done where I felt I exhibited weakness. I was going to follow it up with a similarly formed piece titled “I Am Strong”, to balance things and prevent you from thinking I was self-abusive or fishing for compliments or whatever, but then I realized that would be fucking lame and might sound too much like “I Am Woman” or something.

So here’s the thing: I think it’s important to admit weaknesses. While I feel focusing on the positive is just as important, there’s something very powerful about admitting you’re wrong. I think it allows you to take responsibility for it, then evaluate, recalibrate, and improve. And in a public forum like this, I think it ups the ante. In a relationship I think it’s doubly effective because not only is it good for you to own up for your own personal betterment, it’s good for your partner to hear you do it too. It’s way to easy to blame others or let yourself off the hook.

I know everyone has different styles of handling things but it’s always really interesting to me to see who has a hard time claiming their weaknesses. I think it says a lot and I have huge respect for those that actually go on to turn those weaknesses into strengths.

So I’m curious: is it hard to admit your weaknesses? Is it beneficial to you? And what weakness are you turning into a strength today, this week, or this year? I’m working on turning my anger into patience and I’m pretty sure my arteries and those close to me will appreciate it.