Somewhere, someone…


You know what’s really been blowing my mind lately? The phrase “nothing new under the sun”…that if you can imagine it, it’s been done. We’ve all heard this saying but if you’re like me, you might have thought, “Shit. I’m sure there’s *something* new out there. I bet I can think of something.” Let me save you some time: you can’t. Here’s what sealed the deal for me:

A few years back I was looking up ailments for my beloved cat on the internets and I stumbled upon some ground-breaking shit. There are people that actually get…how should I say…excited…by cats with broken legs. Yeah. Not just animals or whatever, specifically CATS. I had to sit with it too. Go ahead, give yourself a minute. You deserve it for reading this far.

It was at that moment that I truly believed there was nothing new under the sun. There is nothing that hasn’t been done or thought of. So now it’s a game for me. I think of crazy shit and just imagine that someone has done it, tried it, lived it, loved it, whatever. My latest “moment of amazement” was when I thought of people who open up a jar of peanut butter and just take a big spoonful…which I know is considered a “norm”…but just think, there are actually people who do the same with a jar of mayonnaise and think nothing of it. Crazy, right? Go ahead, try it. Think of something, anything, but be prepared to be amazed and totally freaked out.