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Design: Letting Go to Move Forward

exitIn the design aspect of my full-time job and my freelance design gigs, one thing that can be painful is making a final decision. For myself, and I think for everyone involved, the inability to decide on a design, or at least a solid direction, stems from wanting to get it just right. And man, if it’s a logo? Forget about it. Plan on at least twice the amount of time and 10 times the number of options you thought you were going to present, and everyone still won’t be 100% happy.

I tend to be fairly decisive on my own because I know it often isn’t ever perfect. I’ll like most of one idea, or some of another, and yes, I’ll mix and match things to get the right blend—but I know that even if I like it, not everyone will. Plus, I usually don’t have the luxury of time to do whatever it takes to achieve near-perfection. I’m not willing to sacrifice progress for that, and I’ve learned to live with that. But when it’s someone else’s project, finding that “good enough” can be tough.

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New Year, New Look

ryuI’ve had my personal blog for about 4 years now and have finally decided to upgrade to a newer look and something that’s responsive (i.e. reads well on all screen sizes). Anyone who’s had a blog knows how fun and how terrible choosing a theme is. There are probably millions of options out there, paid and free, and I always struggle with how much I do on my own, since “web stuff” is kind of my job. The reality is I don’t have enough free time to design a theme and if I’m being completely honest, I could spend days and days doing something that probably wouldn’t be much better than something that’s already out there.

With every theme there are its own quirks to get used to and it takes a little time to figure out all the features, templates, and styles. Inevitably I also end up tweaking the stylesheet and a few of the php files, at least a little, to accommodate those personal preferences that I just can’t let go of.

So here it is, the new hokament. I’m now using the Ryu theme by Takashi Irie from Automattic. It’s still simple and obviously bolder/easier to read, and the best part is it scales well (in my opinion) on mobile devices. I’ll probably be making minor tweaks here and there, but I hope you like it, and if you don’t, well, I hope you stick it out and still read my blog anyway.