Achilles Heel

You see, the funny thing about that title is that maybe you were expecting an interesting retrospective on some weakness I have, or something I struggle with—but no, this is literally about issues with my achilles. Both of them actually. A new chapter on injuries from minimalist running.

I had been cruising along pretty good there for a minute—no pain beyond the usual wear-and-tear of running for months—but after being sick in May and taking almost two weeks off from running, I came back to it, taking it easy, and both my achilles had sharp pains in them. I had experienced this before, on and off, but I was able to just slow things down a little for the first mile and the pain would fade. Sure, the next day my achilles would be sore and stiff, but I wasn’t too concerned. Heading out mid-May was different. I handled the pain for each run, but the next day I was significantly more uncomfortable. And it didn’t fade even with time off.


Codeacademy: A Half-Assed App Review

Codeacademy Hour of Code
This week, millions of adults and youth are “celebrating” learning to code by actually sitting down to learn some aspect of code for one hour. This event (known as Hour of Code) has gotten a lot of hype, which I think it deserves. As I was updating my apps today I noticed that, front and center in Apple’s App Store, was a featured section for apps and resources specifically geared to help parents and teachers learn/teach code. I had heard of Codeacademy (and the app was free), so that’s the one I tried.