Riding the #Nerdlution into 2014

ready_setI’m in sort of an after-Thanksgiving reflective state and it’s interesting how focusing on gratitude seems to get many of us in such a state. Maybe being thoughtful about what we’re grateful for leads us to take stock in what’s important to us in general, where we’re at in our lives, and where we want to go. Maybe being around (or not being around) family reminds us of our place in the world, our relationships, and pushes us to consider what really matters to us.

I’ve read how some people are already starting New Years resolutions or daily challenges to improve some aspect of their lives. Some protested Black Friday, the commercialization of our holidays, America’s insatiable appetite for “things,” and considered what that meant for their day-to-day. Today I also just found out about #nerdlution which seems to be a growing movement where you focus on doing something important to you that you want to become a habit, and doing that thing for 50 days straight. I’m pretty inspired by how those I know around the country are thinking about and questioning their reality, and are looking for ways to engage and change.

I have to say, I want me some of that too.

I was in Boston last week for our annual meeting and it’s always inspiring to be around educators from around the country. Most of the teachers there were English teachers and I had a chance to pick their brains about their writing practices and how they find time to write (publicly) every day, even with their full class schedules, grading, and their own families. What I took away was basically the old adage, “just do it.” Don’t worry about how much you write or how in-depth you go or even what you write about. The act of writing, making, and sharing is what’s important. Quantity and quality may fluctuate, but just doing it is really what’s important.

I find myself super-reluctant to committing to write here on hokament every day for 50(!) days, but I know I’ll [mostly] enjoy it and I’m pretty sure it will make me a better person. And then there’s the possible added benefit of making more connections with others through this space. In the end, that’s one thing that’s really important to me: improving through writing, sharing, and connecting with others. So here I go. 50 posts in 50 days. Blogging out 2013 and on into the #Nerdlution.