Mobile Friendly?


Once I got a smartphone I was instantly hooked on the convenience and power that that little piece of tech afforded me. As I’ve grown in my usage, upgraded my hardware, and navigated the ups and downs of being able to do just about any aspect of computing on this thing I’ve got in my pocket, one thing I haven’t found myself doing from it is blogging.

The apps have gotten better and I find the WordPress app, in particular, quite capable. Yet, when I sit down to write, I usually pull out the laptop. Even when I don’t have my laptop, and I could use my phone, I usually wait until I do have my laptop. So I find myself wondering why this is.

Part of it is the typing, though I’m quick enough with two thumbs and auto-correct that I don’t find that too limiting. Part of it is that I like having full versions of Photoshop or Illustrator available if I want to edit/create graphics. But really, I wonder if it’s habit. I use the phone for basic/quick communications and social media, but for heavy writing, I just use the laptop.

I’m going to try an experiment this week and see if I can post my blog posts for #nerdlution solely on my iPhone 5s. My oldest daughter is in the Nutcracker, and with all the extra rehearsals this week, I may find myself with a lot of time away from the comfort of my laptop, but also with time to write. This will be the first post from my phone, and next Monday I’ll post my review of what worked and what didn’t.