Luke’s Essence of KC

One of the many perks of my job is traveling. Less now than when I first started in 2004, but still, I have gotten to see me some America on the company’s dime. And of course, people are people wherever you go—at least under their environmentally-influenced shells—but it is always so interesting to see the differences of the people and their place, compared to where I’m from.

What I’ve loved about Kansas City are the old brick buildings, the bbq, the music, the local hospitality, and an added bonus of art, right next to the hotel where I stayed, via the Kemper Museum.

I’ve been hanging out near the hotel waiting to head to the airport, so I’ve had a minute to take/gather/post a few pics I took in the short time I was here that sort of, kind of, barely capture the spirit of what I’ve experienced here. It’s been real KC. Hope to make it back some day.