Looking Past #nerdlution


I have 9 posts left in my #nerdlution challenge (well, 8 after this one). It’s been a long haul for sure and I can’t say it’s been smooth sailing, but I’ve really gained so much from participating.

What I’ve struggled with over the last 41 posts:

  • Finding/making time to write every day.
  • Coming up with topics. Which is funny because I had a list of topics before this thing started that I was excited to finally check off, but when I sat down to write each day, I wasn’t usually interested in those topics. They’re still on the list because I think they’re important/interesting, but maybe they require more time or energy than I’ve been allowing.
  • Coming up with graphics/photos for each post.
  • Loss of sleep due to putting the writing off until the end of the day/night.

What I’ve learned over the last 41 posts:

  • Writing publicly every day pushes me to think, feel, question, create, and connect.
  • I’m a night creature, always have been, and that has not changed, even with efforts to write earlier in the day. Just. Can’t. Do. It.
  • I procrastinate like hell. (Okay, I already knew this one, but new data confirms it.)
  • I love to write/blog.
  • I love when people read my stuff and love it even more when people comment, retweet, and share my posts.
  • I love writing and putting stuff out there even if people don’t respond to it.
  • By commenting on and sharing others’ posts, I become a part of a community.
  • It’s easier to make connections online when I share every day, and my connections have grown by sharing regularly.

Beyond #nerdlution
I think the idea for #nerdlution was that after the first 50 days are up, you just move on to the next 50-day challenge. What I’ve been asking myself is if I’ll keep writing every day on this blog, and/or will I choose something else to work on for another 50 days? Not sure I can answer that at this point, but I almost feel that if I don’t commit to writing every day, it will just slowly slip away, the distance between each post gradually growing further and further apart. That’s been my experience with just about everything in life: whatever I don’t work on every day tends to fade, sometimes completely.