Life Lessons from Running in 2017

In 2017 I set off to do 100 runs and on this last day of the year, I made it to 85. And I’m happy with that. Although I didn’t make it to 100, I’m faster today than I was almost a year ago, and I feel much better, too. Walking the dog ~3-4 miles a day has helped keep me loose between runs and I think that has helped a lot. I had a few weeks in the middle of the year that I missed a bunch of time due to injury, but with consistent walking and adequate rest, I haven’t had any issues with my achilles, knees, and hamstring.

As I was trotting along for #85 today, I reflected on the life lessons that running has reminded me of this year:

  • Consistency is important.
  • Tracking my progress keeps me in reality.
  • Reality is not good or bad, it just is.
  • It’s okay to push myself.
  • It’s okay to take a break.
  • I feel better when I’m productive.
  • I don’t always feel like doing what’s good for me, but doing what’s good for me makes me happy.
  • I feel sassier running with painted nails.

Part of what I think I like about running is being reminded of these important lessons and having the time to think about how they apply to not just my running, but across all aspects of my life. In fact, this blog is a perfect example. Writing publicly in this space is very much like running: I don’t always feel like doing it, but when I do, I feel better. Consistency is important and I want to be more consistent writing in 2018. (And I also feel sassier typing with sparkly pink nails.)

Here’s to more writing and running in 2018. Happy New Year!

About the nails…my seven-year-old daughter really wanted to do my nails today before my run, so I let her. I love having time to talk and connect over a good manicure.