Just Get Your Ass to Bed


I’ve got this amazing story to tell but my the thumbs aren’t nimble enough on this phone and I’m too lazy to boot up the laptop and take it into the other room so I don’t wake the sleepers. Actually, that’s a lie. I just like standing in my bathroom, in the dark, clicking away with soundtrack snores. Wait, no, I lied again. Or maybe I didn’t. Maybe if I dragged my ass with my laptop all the way out to a lit room that amazing story would just be getting warmed up then fizzle out and end up with a truly unworthy ending just because I got sleepy and bored. Or maybe that amazing story is fashioned out of life events and the ending hasn’t been written so why bother starting it in the first place. It’s funny to me that the most ideal times to tell a truly amazing story are the times when nothing amazing ever gets told.