It All Seems to Come Back to Medium

it_all_comes_back_to_mediumWell, not exactly “all” but for anyone writing online, yes, all roads seem to point to Medium. And I keep asking myself why that is?

At first, people were excited about the visual elegance and simplicity of the platform (that is, after it was opened up to the general public). Easy to use, beautiful, free—just log in with your Twitter or Facebook account and start writing. And with Medium, the focus has always been on the writing.

But with other platforms, especially WordPress, anyone can easily set up their own blog with an elegant, simple theme and start writing. So why Medium?

Then, last week, I read this: “Medium is not a publishing tool”.

And I was reminded about the social aspect that seems to be Medium’s strength.

It’s all about the network—the connection with other users and the content they create.

For whatever reason, this point finally hit home. I had been hearing it for years, but last week it really clicked. Sharing on Medium presumably ups the chances that others will read, comment, and share your writing. As Medium has become more popular, I’ve been coming across content from Medium more frequently, and inevitably, I like it. So something is working.

Okay, sooo…

I’m a firm believer in learning by doing, so went ahead and pulled the trigger. Yes, I have this blog that I put together and maintain because I’ve always believed one should have their own space on the web that isn’t owned by someone else, subject to whatever direction the company decides to take it. I like having a space to post my stuff, being in control, and I like the technical aspect of maintaining my own space.

But it gets lonely out here on my self-made island.

Yes, I mostly write for myself, but I would be lying if I told you that I didn’t also get a little excited when others read what I write and leave thoughtful comments.

Right, sooo…

At the end of all this, as I suppose it is with all good exercises in thought, I’m left with more questions…Does writing on Medium actually increase readers and engagement? How long does it take to cultivate a Medium community? Does one even cultivate a community in Medium or do we all just drift from piece to piece, floating on the algorithms? Should I cross-post on Medium and my own blog? Will I get sick of cross-posting if I choose to go that route? What happens when Medium goes away? Will Medium go away? Don’t all things go away in time?

So…Medium? For now, methinks yes.

This was, of course, cross-posted on Medium…for now.