I Don’t Get to Sleep in Tomorrow

I don’t get to sleep in tomorrow but I don’t go to bed.

The police helicopter the dogs bark
my thoughts.

My screen, the words of others glowing in sync with me, awake.

There’s cookies with my name on them
and a pillow…but the cookies

A quiet house is so great for sleeping, isn’t it?

I mean, if I were to sleep, wouldn’t a quiet house (and that pillow), be perfect?

The cookies, not so much.

The glowing words of others, not so much.

For sleep that is.

Those words have synced up and now I’m thinking less about sleeping in.

Sleep is important, sleep is inevitable,
some might even call it lovely.

People who call sleep delicious unnerve me.

Cookies though

And those glowing words

My screen, still on because
those words.

The helicopter gone, the dogs quiet
my thoughts

I don’t get to sleep in tomorrow and the house is quiet.