Humbled by Gratitude

thank_youToday I received a Thank You out of the blue. It came from a young woman that lost her wallet two years ago just before Christmas. I had found her wallet outside a gas station in Folsom (a few hours from where I live) on my way home from celebrating Christmas at my aunt’s house. It was late and after glancing at the contents in the wallet, I decided I didn’t want to risk just leaving it with the gas attendant.

When I got home I found her on Facebook and messaged her to find out where I should mail it. I wanted to be sure I mailed it to her most current address. We connected, I dropped it in the mail, and all were happy. I expected that to be the end of it.

A little bit after she got her wallet, she sent me a Thank You card and a gift and mentioned something along the lines that I had restored her faith in humanity. At the time, I was glad to hear that, but sort of took it as a general statement that one says when they’re thankful. Little did I know that a seed had been planted.

Fast forward to today, two years later, I receive an email from her restating her gratitude and that my small act of kindness had really changed her life, allowing her to find faith in God. I was truly taken aback and filled with humility and warmth.

I never know how my actions will affect others and now I have a tangible example of the ripple effect that being of service to others can have. Most of the time we never know how our deeds play out in the world, and the fact that this woman took the time today to say Thank You (again) and check in, really put some icing on 2013 for me.