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How to Support New Pathways to Leadership Online


I feel fortunate and thoughtful. Fortunate because I’m currently at an event for work—in a gorgeous setting—surrounded by brilliant, thoughtful, caring, fun educators—and I’m learning. Thoughtful because, well, I’m learning, and I’m trying to parse through what I’m hearing in conversations around the room and online, and think about how it applies to my work.

The conference is about Building New Pathways to Leadership and much of the meaty, challenging work is going to happen by and through the aforementioned educators (and their colleagues), at their local Writing Project sites and within their universities, schools, and districts. My piece is amplifying the conversation through our national channels, and building a website/knowledge base to house the information, resources, and conversations to support this work.

Based on my experience and what I think I know, it’s easy to automatically start thinking through the information architecture of the site, its features, etc. and basically ignore all the bigger questions and needs that don’t seem immediately “capturable” through a website. And maybe that’s fine and how it will be, but I also want to be sure to keep listening and learning, because so often I think I know something…and then I learn there’s more to know.