Hotter Than Hades

In a lot of ways I’m a “go big or go home” kind of guy. Not with everything, but sometimes I just get a wild hair to go over the top. Lately, I’ve been hating the crazy heat here in Fresno. It was 111 yesterday and now it’s 103 at 6 pm! F-in mother f-in hot. Tonight the dinner requires bbq and instead of hiding inside between flips, I’m sitting right next to the hot bbq, and for good measure I heated up some coffee and brought that with me. Stupid? Maybe. But maybe I’m just thinking that if I run headlong into this inferno, I’ll somehow tip it all over the edge and bring about some glorious change. Maybe it’s a sacrifice to the omnipotent weather gods for a little f-in mercy. Or maybe I’ll just continue to soak the hell out of my BVDs, hyped up on caffiene, reeking of smoke.