Ghetto in the Suburbs


On a walk today I was observing people’s various yards, gardens, and decorating styles and I came upon something I had never seen before: a huge umbrella shading an air conditioning unit, *on top* of a house.

Now there’s several things going on here, I thought. 1) For whatever reason the AC unit must not work very well when it gets too hot. 2) Someone thought that some shade would be the best fix for this problem. I tried to imagine the thought process that went behind this, then the implementation. Some guy (or woman) actually climbed up there, hoisted a huge backyard umbrella up, and figured out how to secure it to the roof. I also imagined the argument they had with their partner that might have gone something like this:

“Well, do *you* have a better idea?”
“Yeah, why don’t we have someone fix it the right way?!”
“I’m not going to pay someone else to do something that I can do myself!”
“Strapping an umbrella to the roof is not ‘fixing’ it!”

Then “the fixer” storms out and gets to work, while the other just swears to themselves, not believing they actually married this person. Or something like that. Either way, I know the neighbors gotta love it.