Fix that toilet seat

Damn! It’s almost been a month since my last weighty entry and I have to say, shit has not let up one bit. But we all have a lot of “big things” we’re handling in our lives, right? For instance, I’m a husband, father of soon-to-be three, sole provider for the family at this point, and then there’s the cat. Every day I try to learn more, be better, and just keep it all together, and there are definitely days (sometimes more than I’d like) that I struggle. So how does one cope?

There’s lots of ways to cope with our daily grind: drugs and alcohol, maybe God(s), meditation, work, music, or as my co-worker Shelby likes to say, belief in the Cosmic Muffin. But you know what my latest bit of peace is? Fixing the toilet seat. Then shaving or taking a shower. That’s right. TAKING CARE OF THE LITTLE THINGS. Those little things that we put off, probably because we know they’re easy, or not THE most important thing at the moment. See, we’ve had this loose toilet seat in our master bathroom for like a year now, and it drives us both nuts, and finally one night I just looked under the “hood”, found the loose nut, and tightened it. Two minutes of work, then pure bliss. And I began to realize how important taking care of those little things are for our daily comfort and peace of mind. Spending a few minutes here or there on something concrete, something you can easily conquer, something you like, somehow refreshes you to tackle those bigger things.

I don’t know. This has probably been analyzed or stated in a million books on success (which I will never read), but I have really found it to be true. Take care of the little thing that you know you can knock out in five minutes, and I bet you’ll be as surprised as I was at how good it feels.