Corporate Greed Threatens Freedom (again)

The video above does a great job explaining Net Neutrality, what’s at risk, and why it’s important to maintain. Of course, several corporations are threatening to further regulate speed, access, and even content based on who can pay the most, acting as gatekeepers to the internet, something that should be open to everyone. Already, the internet isn’t free and open since we have to pay for service and devices to access it—and for many providers, data speeds are regulated based on how much you pay—but soon the FCC will decide if internet service providers can further throttle speeds and content, allowing corporations even more control of an important component of our infrastructure.

It’s sickening how many of the important decisions for our entire society are decided by they wealthy few, and this is just another example of a basic freedom that we need to be aware of and fight for.

Do Something

In these situations, I don’t always know what I can do or if what I do makes any difference. But I think there is value in just being informed and sharing conversations with others, especially people who aren’t as aware or don’t share the same values as you. I think it’s important not to be confrontational, but open, planting seeds where you can.

You can submit a comment to the FCC at FreePress’s site, and the deadline for the first round of comments is tonight, July 15, 2014, at midnight Friday, July 18, 2014 (due to an overload of the commenting system!).

The only way we don’t get completely rolled by these corporations is by raising our voices, so I hope you’ll join me and others in spreading awareness.