like a car wreck

Here it is, yet another blog, filled with another opinion, thrown out into the vast sea of shit on the web. So if I think it’s a vast sea of “shit”, then why do I want to contribute? Considerate people keep their shit to themselves, right? But are you rude if you put your shit out there? Truth is, my reader, I need to get my shit off my chest, off my back, off my “dome” as it were; get it out in the open with the smallest hope you’re out there with me. Just you, me, and my shit.

But hey, don’t be offended. Don’t be sayin, “Damn! What an egotistical bastard! What about MY shit?! Does he expect me just to sit here and wade through HIS narcissistic diatribe?! FUCK THAT!” To this I say hold up, take a deep breath, I got your shit covered. Leave a comment, reader. Take some ownership. Grab your voice and join the conversation. Yes, I have shit to say. Some of it will be comments on the latest news or political happenings. Some of it might be about family. Some of my shit might actually be about baseball or any random topic that rattles around in my head and decides it needs to be birthed onto the screen. And yes, some people have been offended by my shit. Some people think my shit’s funny. Some people have actually been enlightened by what I have to say.

Either way, I hope you’re there with me. Maybe it’s just a one-night stand. Maybe you follow me and check in from time to time whenever you have a minute. Maybe you become super-hyped on my shit and levitate to a die-hard-agro-reader. Whatever. It’s up to you, but let’s see where this shit goes, shall we?