Authentic Online Connections

authentic_connectionsOne thing I’ve really been enjoying lately as a byproduct of this nerdlution thing and posting every day, are the extra connections that are being made. Part of my goal isn’t just making and putting my own stuff out there, but finding, reading, and commenting on other’s posts. So I’m learning new things every day and getting to know others better, and I think others are getting to know me better as well.

In particular, I wrote a post on songs that have sparked emotion throughout my life, and in turn, it has sparked my friend Joel in New York and Kevin in Massachusetts to post their own musings on that topic (and they’re both great posts you should read).

For me, this is what an authentic online experience is all about. It’s about sharing thoughts and experiences that are my own, are honest, and that make me human. And I think that’s what others can relate to and appreciate, which ignites something in them to think, question, and explore for themselves and share back, and thus conversations are born. It doesn’t happen with every post, but the times where those connections are made are what inspire me to keep sharing online in an honest, authentic way.