A Way Out of No Way

a_way_out_of_no_wayThe last couple days have been more of the same of what we’ve grown accustomed to in America. Gridlock in the government. Two opposing sides, digging their heels into their ideals, stubbornly resisting any inkling of progress. I was almost brought to tears when I saw Rep. John Lewis’s speech before the sit-in—tears of pain and frustration at our inability as a people to make our country safer by implementing at least some restrictions on guns in America.

I can certainly understand millions of Americans resisting giving up their guns entirely, but we can’t even agree that people on the terrorist watch list shouldn’t be able to buy guns. How is that even possible? Even the most devout gun owners should be able to get behind keeping guns out of the hands of potential terrorists.

And are military assault rifles really necessary in a civilized country? I would make the argument that guns have no place at all in a society that calls themselves the “greatest nation on earth,” but we can’t even agree to ban one type of gun.

Why are we so hellbent on having the right to buy, carry, and conceal weapons? There are millions and millions of guns in circulation and all 50 states allow concealed carry, yet we are no safer now than we were 5 or 10 years ago. The death toll just continues to rise and thousands of innocent people continue to be slaughtered every year.

The greatest nation on earth should be able to figure this out. We should be able to find a way to provide a safe society for everyone without giving away our freedoms. We enjoy so many privileges in this country that we should be willing and able to make at least some small concessions so we feel safe going to the movies or sporting events. Our elected officials should do their jobs and come to some sort of agreement that provides a safe society where we can send our kids to school without worrying about them getting shot in their classrooms. Americans should be able to attend a church service without the fear of being shot.

Carrying a gun does not prevent these crimes. More guns do not make us safer. There are more guns than people in the U.S. and has gun violence and mass murders decreased? Do we feel safer?

We cannot let fear be our guide. Somehow we must find a way even though today it feels as if there isn’t one.