Consumption vs. Creation

I find myself in a heavy slumber, not totally asleep, but barely awake. The day ends and I settle into my phone to catch up on news, Giants baseball, changes in technology, or some article that seems important to my constant urge to learn something new or to better understand the world. We get the kids to bed and my wife and I turn on Netflix for an hour. Then she drifts to bed and I drift back to all that numbing information. I know the stream never ends and I drift along with it until I force myself ashore to the human need of sleep.

This is consumption.


Life Lessons from Running in 2017

In 2017 I set off to do 100 runs and on this last day of the year, I made it to 85. And I’m happy with that. Although I didn’t make it to 100, I’m faster today than I was almost a year ago, and I feel much better, too. Walking the dog ~3-4 miles a day has helped keep me loose between runs and I think that has helped a lot. I had a few weeks in the middle of the year that I missed a bunch of time due to injury, but with consistent walking and adequate rest, I haven’t had any issues with my achilles, knees, and hamstring.

As I was trotting along for #85 today, I reflected on the life lessons that running has reminded me of this year:


I Don’t Get to Sleep in Tomorrow

I don’t get to sleep in tomorrow but I don’t go to bed.

The police helicopter the dogs bark
my thoughts.

My screen, the words of others glowing in sync with me, awake.

There’s cookies with my name on them
and a pillow…but the cookies

A quiet house is so great for sleeping, isn’t it?

I mean, if I were to sleep, wouldn’t a quiet house (and that pillow), be perfect?

The cookies, not so much.

The glowing words of others, not so much.

For sleep that is.

Those words have synced up and now I’m thinking less about sleeping in.

Sleep is important, sleep is inevitable,
some might even call it lovely.

People who call sleep delicious unnerve me.

Cookies though

And those glowing words

My screen, still on because
those words.

The helicopter gone, the dogs quiet
my thoughts

I don’t get to sleep in tomorrow and the house is quiet.

working out loud

Developing a Brand Platform: Values for the Vision

I’ve been a part of several instances of brand development for different organizations, but this past year I’ve learned that they were all wrong. Scratch that…they weren’t totally wrong, they just didn’t start right.

Many brand conversations I’ve been a part of started with the mission statement, then quickly went into the details of the work and what the organization did, then a vision of the future. Pretty quickly after that came the designs, colors, fonts, and types of photos. And each time it seemed like a logical process.

But then something changed for me.


I Set Off to See…


A Colorful Celebration of Music for Holi

I’ve been off the #musicthursdays for a bit, and this is also a little late for Holi, but this special performance as part of NPR’s Tiny Desk series is fantastic on all levels. Not just colorful musically, but culturally as well. It will definitely lift your spirits, I promise.


To You Who Will Never Read This

I don’t want to be too presumptuous, but I think the biggest problem with our relationship is lack of communication. If you’re reading this now, well, you probably agree with a lot of the beliefs and ideals that I value. We probably read news from similar organizations and follow the same types of people on Twitter. Our friends probably look alike and we probably even listen to similar music. We talk all the time and practically always agree.

But if you’re someone who’s not reading this, honestly, I think our relationship is in trouble. We don’t often see or hear each other and when we do, we’re both so focused on what the other is saying or doing that’s wrong that we barely hear anything else. There may have been a time when we might listen to what the other has to say politely, but those days are long gone. We’ve both said some hurtful stuff and done some stupid things and frankly, I find you kind of offensive. I think you’re full of fear and ignorance and…well, there I go again. It’s so easy to focus on what I don’t agree with when you talk—I know you know what I mean.


The Westerlies: Not Your Dad’s Brass Quartet

These guys are a nice mix of something old, something newish, and something in between. Enjoy.


Why I Write: to Connect

whyiwrite2016It’s pretty simple why I write: I write to connect. To connect my brain to my heart. Or sometimes just to connect my brain to my brain—writing straightens out my thoughts. Through my words typed out and shared with others, I connect by adding my voice to the stream of human experience. It’s not always important that it’s unique or new but often it’s important for me to be a part of something that only my writing can connect me to.

Writing is a way for me to reach out to others for guidance and a way to respond to those that reach out to me. I’m not sure I could be a part of life in the same way without writing. The connections I gain through writing make me a better person and that is reason enough to keep at it.


Choice (Something I Care About)

something_i_care_aboutMy 11-year-old daughter gave me an assignment last week: “write a poem about something you care about,” and it had to be handwritten. After a couple extensions on the deadline (phew), I finally turned it in. I don’t usually write poems with verses that rhyme, but she often does, so I thought I would try a poem in her style. I think I got full credit (even though it was late). And the typed version is below in case, like her, you can’t read my writing.

Perhaps the easiest one
   is to go left or to go right
Or maybe to stand up or sit tight
And then there’s going red
   or green or brown
Put it right side up
   or upside down
And of course you can go slow
   or you can go fast
Take it right up to the line
   or go past
You can rock or you can roll
You can sleep or stay awake
Keep your eyes wide open
   for as much as you can take
You can listen or go deaf
   and pretend it’s not there
Choose right or choose wrong
   or call the whole thing unfair
There are no strings attached
   or someone else writing your part
No one else controls your thoughts
   or pumps blood through your heart
We’d like to give credit or
   blame others for the view
But in the end it’s a choice
   and only you control you.