To You, Sir, With the Mullet

I see you drive by, at the corner of Palm and Shields, sir
Your blue pickup, lowered, daughter in the front passenger
Trailer of yard tools in tow
And I couldn’t help but notice your unapologetic mullet
It’s clear you two have been together for some time
And I wonder…
What’s up with that?
Are you an original rocker or is it something new?
Was the sensibility of its design too good to pass up
And keep, for that matter?
When you hear “Business up front, party in the back” how do you feel?

I have so many questions, sir

Is it past the point of no return?
Have you endured years of ridicule,
Hardened by vanity or shear defiance,
To the point that,
There’s just no way you’re cutting that thing now?
Or are you just so secure in your image that
Everyone else can just eat it?

As I sit here and write, it’s clear
I envy you
And maybe even your mullet
But what you and your hair represent is
Kind of beautiful
So to you, sir, I raise a proverbial glass
May you and your short-long live on in glory
In your lowered blue pickup or

  • BrittonGildersleeve

    This is not only fun, Luke, but quite fine. Thanks for sharing. More, please!

    • luhoka

      Wow, I’m honored Britton, thank you! I do enjoy writing poetry, so maybe I will try and get some more out there:-) As always, thanks for reading.

  • LindaFouquet

    I loved this! Not only could I “see” Mullet Man, but I “heard” your voice, which all made me laugh out loud! Pookie Bear does poetry!

    • luhoka

      Thanks Mama:-) I definitely need to do more of this kind of writing “for fun.”