Not A Thousand Words, But…

Not A Thousand WordsYears ago, when I started this blog, I was using a service called Posterous (some of you may remember it). It was really easy to post anything there—writing, photos, videos—and I had it linked to my Instagram account (which was also new to me at the time). Any time I posted to Instagram, Posterous would automatically grab the title of the picture, the picture itself, and create a blog post on my site. It was a very easy way to photo blog.

But Posterous shut down and I leapt over here, to WordPress. What didn’t make the jump were my Instagram photos, which I haven’t thought much about sharing here…until recently. I’ll be the first to admit that I am by no means, a photographer. Occasionally I get lucky, and I think I have a good eye, but more often than not, the photos I take don’t live up to my aesthetic. Still, I like sharing what I see because I think it tells a part of my story that writing doesn’t.

I’ve decided to try and post just one photo a week, on Wednesdays (cause why not?). I’ll be pulling some from the vault that haven’t previously been shared on this blog, and I’ll sprinkle new ones in as well. I hope it will be a fun experiment and I invite you to follow along.

  • Kim Douillard

    Great idea! I do my picture, no words as a silent Sunday. Still challenging… But a bit different than composing a written post. Looking forward to your Wednesdays!

    • luhoka

      Ah, I was wondering what the silent Sundays was…do you have themes or particular narrative you’re following? Or is it just your favorite photo from the day? Or…?

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