Mobile Blogging Followup

Mobile Blogging Followup
A week ago I wondered about why I didn’t do more blogging on my phone despite always having it with me and having the tools necessary to theoretically blog on it. So I committed to blogging solely on my phone for one week as a side experiment during this #nerdlution commitment of mine to write every day for 50 days. Here’s what I found:

  • The phone was technically more than capable to handle my needs. This was not surprising since I have Apple’s latest iPhone 5s.
  • Although the phone was capable, Sprint’s slow-as-hell (that’s a technical term) network in my home area did make some aspects annoying. This was not a big deal though.
  • The hardest part was coming up with graphics. I’m so used to opening Photoshop or Illustrator to make even simple things, that I found myself stuck coming up with ideas. I opted for photos, but if I didn’t have my own, searching Creative Commons and downloading something wasn’t very easy, especially on Sprint’s network. Again, if I was on wifi or in an LTE covered area, this would have been less of an issue. Also, I’m sure if I researched it, there must be mobile apps for creating graphics.
  • Typing didn’t really feel like a huge impediment, but I did limit the pieces in length or chose less wordy topics, so maybe it was?
  • When it came down to it, I didn’t really have all that much time whilst being mobile to actually write.

Bottom line? I guess I blog on the laptop because it’s easier. But I’m happy to blog on the phone if necessity, desire, time, and location all sync up. I’d be curious what others’ experiences are and any apps you use to blog and create graphics on a phone or tablet while out and about.

  • Joel Malley

    Here is what I like. I love having my phone to take pictures while running. I like quick posting those pictures to Instagram and integrating them into the Nike+ app.

    However, if I have to do any type of deep thinking and reflection, I needs me some screen real estate in order to have the space and quick access to review and revise.

    By the way, I likes me some CameraBag for both the iPhone and the Mac. Cool filters and easy to use.

    • luhoka

      Yeah, after the week of posting on the phone, I think I’m with you on needing that “real estate.” I’ll have to check out CameraBag, thanks!