Man, I Just Need to Go to Bed

zzz#nerdlution has been killing me this week. I. Am. Tired. As my “nerd resolution” I’m trying to write every day for 50 days. I suppose there’s been a reason (up until now) that I haven’t been writing regularly, and it isn’t because it’s not important. Trying to work in writing every day has (re)reminded me that my life is full. Sometimes things just don’t get done, and being a perfectionist, I have a hard time letting things go. Over the past few years I’ve worked towards focusing on what’s important though, not over-extending myself, and just letting things go when I can. No one’s judging me but me, and I’m pretty sure no one would look at my life and think I’m slacking off.

Late night is my favorite time, always has been. I love when everyone goes to bed and I’m left alone with my thoughts and a place to type. The problem is, I have three young children and they basically have no concept of “sleeping in.” So what I need to do is rearrange some priorities and time during the day, and get my writing done at a more sane hour. This will be good practice for making sure I do the things that are important to me before it gets too late, so I can still get some sleep and not be a grouchy bear when those adorable, sweet children come do back-flips on me when the sun rises. (And yes, they basically just see my sleeping body as a lumpy extension to the bed/trampoline.)

  • dogtrax

    Not only are we on opposite coasts but our days are flip-flopped. I’m the early morning writer, before my three kids get up. I write in this peaceful space and my mind is always fully alert the first thing in the morning (after walking the dog). I must be old because by nightfall, I am tired and not at all creative. It’s interesting how different people have different cycles, and mostly, mine was carved by life as a father when the kids were smaller and nighttime was never peaceful (body as trampoline? Check. If my kids did it now, they’d have to cart me to the hospital).
    I’ll mention what Chris Lehman wrote about the Nerdlution thing — make sure it makes you happy.
    Take care, Luke.
    PS — I finally got to your blog for my 50 comments / 50 blogs / 50 days.

    • luhoka

      Thanks Kevin, I appreciate the comment and the wisdom. Your comment pushed me to think about if this writing for nerdlution thing was making me happy. I arrived at a “yes” AND I need to just make sure I do it before 11pm:-)

  • bgfay

    I’m a morning guy too. For the past two months I’ve been getting up by 4:45, with the exception of a couple weekend mornings, and using to crank out some writing. Last month it was for NaNoWriMo and this month I’m doing 2,000 words each morning. Next month I’m going to keep doing the 2,000 and out of that pull a daily (five times a week) blog post.

    Keep writing, man. It’s the best Nerdlution there can be (in my world anyway).

    • luhoka

      Wow, 4:45, that’s pretty amazing. I know I won’t be doing that, but I get your point, Brian: find time that works for you, but find time. And I agree, writing is a very important aspect of my life too, and has been a great means to connect, share stories and experiences with others. It definitely inspires me and makes me a better person. Just gotta try some other times throughout the day that work better for me, and at least I know now that after midnight *doesn’t* work:-)