Lost to Gun Violence

Within 1.5mi of Clairemont High in Oakland, CA, there were 3 shootings a day in an eight-month period. There’s so much gun violence in that area that kids are used to it. That’s not something anyone in the most prosperous country in the world should have to get used to, especially our children.

“If I can wake up one day, walk outside, with the possibility of being shot at any point in time, that’s kind of nerve-wracking every day to do,” says Trevor Watson, 14, one of the youngest members of the group. “You can be at the most safest place that you think, and then some type of violence busts out.”

But that’s the thing, isn’t it—they aren’t our kids. I bet if the kids of senators and congressman had to walk to school every day in fear of being shot, gun control in this country would look a lot different. I bet if the children of white, affluent people were expected to live 10 years less than everyone else, there might be more progress in addressing this epidemic.

I really don’t think there’s much else to say. Too many people—too many kids—are getting shot every day in this country and you cannot get shot if there aren’t any guns. How complicated do we have to make this? The longer we delay dealing with this issue of gun violence, the longer we live in fear and that many more kids lose out on their childhoods.

(Read For Many Urban Schools, Gun Violence Remains A Daily Reality via NPR.)

  • dogtrax

    There’s not much I can add to what you wrote, since I agree with every line. The political tragedy is inaction on many fronts. A year after Sandy Hook and where are we? Not much farther along than we we were before, when it comes to gun control and gun access.

    • luhoka

      Thanks Kevin. I agree, what more does it take? And I think it’s important to keep bringing it up and looking for ways to improve and move forward.

  • Joe Dillon

    Thanks for the thoughtful post, Luke. This issue needs more air, attention, reflection and dialogue. 3 kids a day is too many. I kid yesterday in Colorado is too many. On the cover of a local magazine here this week is a young girl from a high school in my district who was paralyzed in a gang shooting. I too think this is too much.

    • luhoka

      I agree Joe, it is beyond too much. As I’ve said, I think it’s important for us to keep bringing this issue up and looking for ways to move forward. At least CO has started background checks on private fun sales. It’s a start. Thanks for the comment!